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Getting Started with your Leapin' site

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Welcome to L.O.V.E. Our Websites

Welcome and thank you for selecting us as your website partner in creating a wonderful online presence.  Let’s begin our collaboration process by completing this form. In addition to completing this form, we  strongly recommend that you keep a copy of your content in a word document, and a file folder of your logo and images for your website for your own records.  Remember, this is our “jumping off point” to help us work with you.  We are here to support you through the entire process!

Directions for the Submit or Save Progress

When completing this Website Content Submission Form, at the bottom of this form you will have two options:

  • 'Save Progress' - create a username and password so you can complete your work in multiple sessions.
  • 'Submit' - If you plan to complete the submission of this form in one sitting.

(Again, to be safe.. we recommend you keep copies of your content in your own word document for your records)

Think about this as your 'elevator speech'. In as few words as possible, concisely describe your services.

If you have a logo please provide that and any comments about it. If you are interested in having a logo created, notate your request here and we will provide a quote.

If you purchased:

Jumpin' site - these modules are not included in this starter package. If your business needs one or some of these modules, we recommend upgrading to the Hopin' package. This can happen now or later.

Hopin' site - choose two (2) modules

Leapin' site - all modules are included; select the modules you want if you don't need them all

Please Select:

We want to understand the look and feel of your business. Please provide 3 websites that are examples of the style you would like to emulate.

Website Example 1

Expand on the color scheme, look and feel you are seeking. Consider your branding, the tone (whimsical, professional, etc.) and the theme you are creating.

Based on the Website Examples that you've provided above, please elaborate on what you like and don't like about each website.

This content should be tailored to you and your services.  To drive traffic to you we need to include specific content and keywords to help people find you.  Think about the words you would use, in doing a Google search, trying to find someone offering your services.  Include those words in your content.

Speak about your passion and experience related to your services.  If you do not have experience, yet, speak about the transferable skills you do possess that are related to your service / ministry. 

  • Who are you? What do people need to know about you so they will want to contact you? Are you accessible in person, by skype? What areas do you serve?
  • What is your passion and experience? Why would folks want to work with you? What are your gifts you bring to individuals and families? What do you specialize in?
  • Summarize your education, service, and community service. Where are you – what areas are you serving? Include counties, cities, venues where have or wish to serve. Think of the words people will type in to search for your services and/or location

Depending on your services you may want to include a formal resume.  This is where you may provide detailed work history and education. You may want to consider two resumes: one outlining your professional/career work, and if you are also offering services as a minister, practitioner, etc. a second resume outlining your education and experience may be very helpful for folks to see your qualifications.

Make a  list of your services you provide. Provide a clear and concise description of your services.

If you choose to list fees, please provide the cost for services. Alternatively, you could consider offering a complimentary consultation at which time you provide fee information.

Provide your email address, mailing address and phone number(s) that you wish to have public/ potential clients to contact you directly.

Our standard contact form requests that a potential client provide their: name, email, phone and text field. Are there any additional fields you want included? Do you want any of these fields “required”?

Include links to your Facebook, Yelp, Pinterest, YouTube Channel, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Google +.

Need a Facebook page? We are happy to create one for you – request a quote for this service.

A professional, header image should captivate your clients or community by visually communicating the essence of your service offerings. The image could be literal or symbolic or represent the region you're from. We will use the colors from this image as reference for the colors throughout your website. Ideas include: a nature scene, environment where you work, a subject matter photo. 
For additional image options, you may consider purchasing royalty free images on line: shutterstock.com, pexels.com, etc. 

The image provided should be 1700 pixels.

Provide any other images that you want used throughout your website. For example, if you have three service offerings like counseling, wedding officiating, and baby blessings...you may want an image for each section.

NOTE: Make sure to review image usage rights. If images are too small, or not good enough quality they will look pixelated, grainy and unprofessional.

Want to use stock images to get started? Check out: Shutterstock, Pexels, or Fotolia.

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

Providing a high resolution professional photo of yourself is critical for potential clients. This is your first impression; make it count! Ask yourself - 'what do I want my photo to say? what impression do I want clients to take away?' Pay attention to the details when designing/ staging your photo - the location (office vs. outdoors), the setting (objects in the photo that reveal something about yourself...a guitar or art in the background), your attire and so forth.

Potential clients rely heavily on reviews of your services. Provide at least a couple of reviews (short sentences) from clients or colleagues that have recommended you. If you don't have any reviews at this time, no worries - we can add them later!

L.O.V.E. Our Websites believes in community support and we encourage you to promote or bring awareness to a cause that aligns with your business. For example, a wedding officiant who adopts animals may choose to support a local SPCA. Or a photographer who shoots outdoor landscapes may choose to support their favorite National Park.

This is merely a suggestion, so if it doesn't align with your business offering, leave this blank.



I certify that the photos/ images uploaded in this Form have been obtained legally, and include proper content licenses.  Loveourwebsites.com is not responsible for any photos/ images that are uploaded to your website, you are held solely responsible for any copyright infringement.