From the client


My domestic partner Renato Martinez died this past April and I was very fortunate in having Lucinda Martin, an interfaith minister, preside over the service.  Renato was an artist, and shortly after he died, something happened to his old website and it no longer was accessible.  Happily for me, Lucinda and her business associate Jean-Claire Chamian, also create websites.  What I needed was a simple website – no more than a few pages – to showcase Renato’s paintings and his life story.  And I needed it done right away, as Renato was scheduled to have a gallery opening in a few weeks.  It was wonderful that Lucinda and Jean-Claire were able to jump on it right away, and they produced a simply magnificent website for Renato.  It seemed to me they went the extra mile because I could tell they put a lot of work into it.  Jean-Claire spent an hour with me on the phone and via a computer website so that, like magic, we could see a draft of the website together in real time and I could suggest changes.  This way the website development became an interactive experience for me, which I greatly appreciated.  The end product is simple and elegant at the same time.  I know Renato too would have been thrilled with the way it turned out.  Thank you both for doing such a magnificent job.
Barry Graynor – completed 7/18/2016

Renato Martinez Paintings is a very special, heart warming experience for us. Rev. Lucinda Martin created and officiated the Funeral and Celebration of Life Ceremony for Renato and was honored to have been asked by his life partner to have L.O.V.E. Our Websites create a website in honor of Renato and his amazing artwork. The Hopin’ package was purchased, using the Photo Gallery module, we referenced the gallery page concept from; this is the perfect option for Artists and Photographers. We have also included a link to our directory, where we have created a Graceful Memories Album where family and friends will be able to view his Celebration of Life Ceremony.



From the client

My old website was looking dated and I had new information to share. I worked with a creative developer at L.O.V.E. Our Websites and was very pleased with the conversations we had and how we picked one another’s brains. We came together culminating in a beautiful web design for my ministry that I believe speaks to a whole new audience. The colors, photographs and my script unite in a eye-catching one page site. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Ron King – completed 7/11/2016

Reverend Ron King has created a thriving Interfaith Ministry in Palm Springs, CA. Ron wanted to create fresh and simple website that included a more focused list of service offerings. Ron purchased the Jumpin’ package, and our Inspirational website template was a perfect choice for him to plug in his content and images. Since most of his clients consider themselves “spiritual but not religious” it was essential that his website reflected his varied offerings in a non-religious, but meaningful way. We had a blast collaborating with him in selecting images to define the theme (centered around his community in Palm Springs) and coaching him on content that will inform clients and visitors how they will benefit from his services. The site is simple, warm and inviting – just like him.



From the client

Dear Lucinda Martin, wanted to thank you and your team for making my web site.  I am pleased to have this site to show prospective clients who I am.  Thank you.  I had wanted to get a site but needed your professional help to get it done.  I’ve had great response from all persons/clients who have seen the site.

Alan Rodier – completed 5/13/2016
Alan Rodier is an attorney in need of an Online Business Card. After many years of creating a successful word of mouth business in San Francisco, Alan moved and needed to establish an online presence so he could ‘be found’ in a new region. He needed a simple solution to drive new clients and referrals to his website. Our professional template for a Jumpin’ one-page website was the perfect fit!
Alan took our advice and contracted with one of our preferred photographers ensuring he had great images, truly reflecting his professionalism and charisma. As Alan’s business grows, and his needs evolve, L.O.V.E. Our Websites will be here to help if he decides increase traffic to his website by adding the blogging module. We take pride in offering content creation support to make the process smooth; Alan was able to focus on his clients while we developed his website.


From the client

“The team at completely transformed my website into a real jewel! I loved working with them and would encourage anyone with a heartfelt message to use their services. After one week of my new web site being launched I had booked two workshops and a full concert. Way to go team!”  Shawn Gallaway

Shawn Gallaway – What a ride!   * completed 4/15/16
Creating Shawn’s website was an amazing journey. Shawn and our team collaborated on redesigning his new website – although we may not have really understood where we were going with it or how we would get there…. I found myself asking, frequently “Shawn, when someone visits your website – what do you want them to do?” From that premise we continued to “distill down” from his old site, all the many gifts and services Shawn has to offer into a clearly defined, “invitation” for the guest to:
Contract Shawn to create a theme song for their organization
Purchase CD, DVD, EBook, Paintings
Contract Shawn to facilitate one of his incredible workshops
To encourage folks to “host” a workshop and/or house concert  
And, how to become a sponsor and promote their business on Shawn’s site.
Huge credit to Teuvo, L.O.V.E. Our Websites developer, for designing some really cool design elements that creates curiosity for folks to want to “discover” what Shawn offers.
We also created a Facebook page for him, “Dolphin Tune”.  This is an amazing spiritual retreat, swimming with Dolphins in the wild; Kona, Hawaii.  Check out the page for upcoming dates. And, Shawn will be in California this September offering workshops and concerts – sign up for his newsletter on his website… oh yeah, we did that too.
So, what I am trying to say here, is his site was highly complex as he is such a multi-talented person. We are happy and honored to have worked and collaborated with such a wonderful healer/artist.


From the client

Lucinda is answered prayer. She was creative and very patient during the process of designing my website. Because she is a minister, practitioner and has powerful “word-smithing” abilities, she can accomplish the requirements of her clients. It gives me time to do what I do best.

Bobbi Winslow

Our Latest Project –  * completed 2/10/16

Bobbi has been a very successful spiritual practitioner and life coach for many years. Her primary audience was from her spiritual community and as a smart businesswoman she knew it was time to expand her offerings to her Loveland, Colorado community. Like many spiritual practitioners she did not have work experience in a corporate or business environment. This required her to learn computer or software skills. She was so devoted to helping people she never took the time to learn about websites and marketing.

As a smart businesswoman recognizing the need to have an online presence, L.O.V.E. Websites created her first website; We helped her with template selection, content, tag lines, logo design and her Facebook Business page. Shortly thereafter, she called me and enthusiastically shared how surprised she was, that having a professional website would instill so much confidence in her ability to network and market her services. She is attracting new clients and my heart sings to know that her Leapin’ Site is a success.