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Vows and Kisses Website Profile Creation

rf_frog1SECTION 2 – Associate Online Presence Form

Now we will jump-start your online presence as an associate member of VowsandKisses.com.  This information will be public. Later, you may add and modify content for your Vows & Kisses profile, and, update your contact info section with a personal website if you choose to include one (which we strongly recommend.)

(i.e. Rev. Cindy, Dr. etc.)

About YOU

This page should be tailored to your services as a Vows & Kisses associate – only.  In other words – speak about your passion and experience serving as a wedding Officiant, relationship counseling, etc.  If you do not have experience, yet, speak about the skills you do have that are related and transferrable.   Having a Personal/Professional website will be where you may provide a more detailed biography/resume and additional ministries/community service experience. We will link that website from this profile page.

To help you out in creating the “About You” page, and for online searching benefits, we have broken this out into 3 short paragraphs.


  1. Who are you?
    1. Where are you – where are you serving?  Include areas where you have worked or wish to. Include words that potential clients may use to search for your services, including venues you would like to work at.   For example: Wine Country weddings in Napa Sonoma.  San Francisco Marriott Hotel.
  2. What is your passion and experience? Why would folks want to work with you? What are your gifts you bring to individuals and families? What type of ceremonies do you specialize in?
  3. Summarize your education, service, community service, and education.


Bio Photo: Statistics show that people who take the time to invest in a professional quality “bust shot” get more leads.  Provide us what you have, and, if you need to obtain a professional photo, please do so as soon as possible.

Most people today do their research online before contracting professional vendors and service providers. They rely heavily on reviews.  If you do not have reviews related to this service area, yet, you may want to solicit help from colleagues, associates, family and friends to speak about you and your professionalism. (You are encouraged to submit additional and ongoing reviews.) If you do not have any yet, no problem, we will add it later when you do.