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Why did we Incorporate a Red-Eyed-Tree-Frog for our Logo?

Most of you would be surprised at our Logo selection, right? But the cause behind is much more than just a mere reason. “Agalychnis callidryas” might be a too scientific and difficult name to remember and that’s why they call it “Red-Eyed-Tree-Frog”. The name says it all; it’s a frog with red bulgy eyes having vertically narrowed pupils.

With a vibrant green body marked with blue and orange stripes, you might even locate it

from the space! It’s mostly found in the neotropical rainforests which covers the region from Mexico to Colombia via Central America. Being an arboreal animal, it mostly spends its time jumping from one tree to other eating insects like crickets and so on.

A symbol for…

Thanks to its big “out-popping” red eyes, this native of North American rainforests is also a symbol for saving its home-town. Though unofficial, it’s a symbol for the save-the-rain-forests campaign.

In religious terms, the Red-Eyed-Tree-Frog marks the end of a cycle of events and the beginning of a new one.

On the verge of extinction…

For the fact that this species is dying slowly and is on the verge of extinction, it has been included in the Red List of IUCN. Obviously, unsustainable development is one of the main reasons that has resulting in deforestation by timber-based industries and more forests being grazed-over for building residential and commercial complexes. Among other factors are agroindustrial farming, logging, and wood harvesting and pollution.

So what you can do…

Well, there are many dos and don’ts that you can follow and make your contribution count for the cause. On an individual level, you can raise awareness among your friends and family circle regarding the species’ extinction and their importance in the working cycle of the nature. Remember, they eat crickets! So they keep these insects’ numbers limited and make sure they don’t exceed an overwhelming amount.

You can start your own organization aimed for the benefits and protection of wildlife and the animals that live within it. You can use social platforms for further reach and engage more people about this amazing and pivotal topic.

What we can do for you…

If you’re excited now and willing to contribute to this awesome endeavor, then you can use our platform to personify your charitable spirit. On our website, on the footer page, you can donate for the cause and/or you can help us promote the campaign which can help us connect to the unexplored areas of the world. On top of this, there’s a third option as well. You can collaborate with us and become a partner in our awareness program – send us an email inquiry to do so.

We already have our hand out; we’re just waiting for yours to complete the “Handshake”!